Twelve is here! Available now.

Hello friend! The CD's have finally arrived. For now, they are only available in a physical format. (They aren't up on iTunes yet.) If you would like to hear some of the songs, head over to FreedomSoundtrack.com to listen. You can order your albums there or on my website. Either way, Jill & I will split the proceeds and use it towards ministry and furthering the good news.   //   Sorry to keep this so brief, but I am heading off to another ladies retreat in a few minutes. I pray your week is going well and that God continues to refresh you as you spend time with Him. On a quick aside, I think Jesus loves spiritual hunger. I think He shows up to those with expectant, wide-open hearts. If you want more of God, just tell Him. Ask Him. Show your hunger by creating space and quiet in your schedule to listen and tune in. Special things happen when we do this.   //   

2 Chron. 16:9 says,

"For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." (NASB)

Step 2: Choose To Believe

Ever feel like the Queen or King of "not quite enough?" I do. It's like I try my darndest…only to not make the cut. Or I simply have nagging thoughts adding the word "enough" to the end of everything I do. For instance:

  • You prayed…but you didn't pray enough.
  • You studied your Bible…but you didn't study enough.
  • You worked out…but you didn't work out enough.
  • You taught clearly…but not clearly enough.

Today, I walk through Step 2 of the Freedom Soundtrack. If you find it hard to call yourself beloved...this is for you!

3 Things to Pray As We Approach Elections (A Non-Political, Non-Partisan Post)

Before I dive in, let me just say, I won't be bashing or endorsing any candidate in this post. This is simply a guide to your personal prayer life with respect to the coming elections. You won't see pictures of elephants or donkeys, just a lion. It's a Biblical approach. You're safe here…no matter how you vote in November. I promise...

Because Spiritual Detox Is Worth It

I'm at a detox clinic this week, and I put my feet into this clear water. And over a course of 2 hours, I watch the water turn into puke-green, nastiness. Yuck! Sometimes we have no idea the toxins inside of us...

Stop Agreeing With The Enemy

"Anything less than truth, will leave you less than free."

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Little whispers. Little lies. Sometimes we can be talked into something that has no business being in our brain. Usually these little lies have a fair amount of truth twisted in with them. This is what makes it so difficult to untangle and figure out. But if we aren't paying attention, we begin to agree with something that's downright harmful to us.


For example…

Uphill Hopes

I attended the Global Leadership Summit a couple weeks ago. One of my favorite speakers and thought leaders is John Maxwell. He said this,


"Everything worthwhile is uphill. Most people have uphill hopes, but downhill habits."


Dang. So true.


In recent years God has been leading me toward book writing. I've always been the 3.5 minute song girl. But books? That's a whole different deal. I wrote a devotional book a couple years ago. It was a stretch. It was an uphill dream I never had. I argued with God at first. I was determined to let him know I don't write books. He was obviously misinformed...