Mayo Update

Some of you may know I went to the Mayo clinic a couple weeks ago up in Rochester, MN for a workup on my mystery abdominal pain. Ultimately, we did not find definitive answers, but we were able to rule out some big stuff like pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis. It was an interesting 9 days while we were there. It felt like we were in slow motion.   //    Sometimes slower is better...

A Prayer For Resilience

Dear Papa,

I praise You for Your strength, grit, and tenacity.

You never lose. You never give up.

Make my spirit buoyant, like a lighthouse on the water.

Make me Lion-hearted, stubborn with fearless obedience...



Rescue Tour Recap

Today, I'd love to share 3 highlights from my Rescue Mission Tour. I had 16 events in June and traveled through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. What an incredible time. Check it out and see some photos too...

Stop Agreeing With The Enemy

"Anything less than truth, will leave you less than free."

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Little whispers. Little lies. Sometimes we can be talked into something that has no business being in our brain. Usually these little lies have a fair amount of truth twisted in with them. This is what makes it so difficult to untangle and figure out. But if we aren't paying attention, we begin to agree with something that's downright harmful to us.


For example…

Uphill Hopes

I attended the Global Leadership Summit a couple weeks ago. One of my favorite speakers and thought leaders is John Maxwell. He said this,


"Everything worthwhile is uphill. Most people have uphill hopes, but downhill habits."


Dang. So true.


In recent years God has been leading me toward book writing. I've always been the 3.5 minute song girl. But books? That's a whole different deal. I wrote a devotional book a couple years ago. It was a stretch. It was an uphill dream I never had. I argued with God at first. I was determined to let him know I don't write books. He was obviously misinformed...