When You're Sick of Being Sick

I had a young friend send me an email this week. She was inquiring about how to deal with sickness and stay involved in ministry. She has a similar background as me; a tough diagnosis with Lyme disease, but also an interest and gifting in music.  //   As I wrote her back, it became a bit of a wisdom-dump. Sometimes I don't even realize how much I've processed these things until someone asks me a question and I give an answer. So, instead of keeping this between her and I, I thought some of you might find these thoughts helpful.   //   Here was the question: "Rachel, I was wondering if you have any advice for someone in ministry struggling with this crazy disease [Lyme Disease]."  Here's what I wrote back...

Hope Already In Progress

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my conversation with God...the journey of healing He is taking me on. November seems to be the month He whispered to me a few years ago.But I need to come right out and say it. My hope is not in November. It's not in the healing. It's in the Healer. It's in Jesus. And there's a big difference.

Uphill Hopes

I attended the Global Leadership Summit a couple weeks ago. One of my favorite speakers and thought leaders is John Maxwell. He said this,


"Everything worthwhile is uphill. Most people have uphill hopes, but downhill habits."


Dang. So true.


In recent years God has been leading me toward book writing. I've always been the 3.5 minute song girl. But books? That's a whole different deal. I wrote a devotional book a couple years ago. It was a stretch. It was an uphill dream I never had. I argued with God at first. I was determined to let him know I don't write books. He was obviously misinformed...