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In a nutshell, I am a Singer/Songwriter/Speaker in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I love God, people, strong coffee, good conversation, making people laugh, and creating music that stirs the soul.  



For the last 15 years, I have struggled with chronic illness.  Let me back up.  In high school I played three varsity sports, sang in the school choir, started a pop band, and led worship for chapel.  Shortly after I graduated, an unknown illness crept into my body, and it's hung out there ever since.  Through this struggle of chronic fatigue, migraines, body ache, and stomach pain - I have learned so much about faith and grace.  In fact, grace has taken center stage in my life.  My aching body is a daily reminder that I get the divine opportunity to trust God one day at a time (and sometimes even moment by moment.)  Mercies somehow meet me every morning.  I know my pain has not gone unnoticed.  And neither has yours.  We all have a unique story.  The one I am living is probably not the one I would have chosen for myself, but call me crazy, I'm grateful for it.  The brokenness of this world pushes me toward the unbroken Healer.  And that is an undeniably good thing.


What's YOUR story?  I'd love to hear from you, encourage you, and infuse hope into you. 

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