A Prayer For the "Stray"

Today, I want to share a poem/prayer I wrote

in response to an anonymous poem called, "Stray."   

You drew a line, a line in the sand.

You wrote it in blood, the love of The Lamb.

It can't be revoked, removed, or undone,

The Lamb who was slain conquered and won.

Depression must bow, despair must retreat.

Shame has been pierced, it falls at Your feet.

Healing Has Launched!

Hello my friends! Healing has begun! This is a longer post. When you have a few extra minutes, I encourage you to sit down and soak this up.  This is one post you don't want to miss! 


It is with great excitement, astonishment, and elation that I tell you Jesus has begun His supernatural, physical, healing work in my life!! After 23 years of Lyme Disease, here's the rest of the story...

A Prayer To Remember the Goodness of God

I declare Your goodness on the peaks.

I declare Your goodness in the pit.

You are still good.

In the moments of heartache,

In the miles of wilderness,

In the marrow of the unknown,

You are still good.

A Prayer To Never Give Up

Oh Lord, do not let me grow weary in doing good.

Remind me of Your rewarding character.

Refuel my faith with holy passion.

Keep me on paths of righteousness,

For Your name's sake...

3 Things to Pray As We Approach Elections (A Non-Political, Non-Partisan Post)

Before I dive in, let me just say, I won't be bashing or endorsing any candidate in this post. This is simply a guide to your personal prayer life with respect to the coming elections. You won't see pictures of elephants or donkeys, just a lion. It's a Biblical approach. You're safe here…no matter how you vote in November. I promise...

Hope Already In Progress

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my conversation with God...the journey of healing He is taking me on. November seems to be the month He whispered to me a few years ago.But I need to come right out and say it. My hope is not in November. It's not in the healing. It's in the Healer. It's in Jesus. And there's a big difference.

What I Learned from a Little Shard of Glass

So I had this thought today... maybe you can follow my logic here.  But our lives are like little shards of glass mirrors.  We each have the potential to reflect great things.  Whole things.  But instead our lives are broken.  When darkness broke into our world, it shattered the mirror of life.  We now hold our little slivers of glass, fragments of broken potential.

But maybe as time moves on, as we seek to surrender to a faithful God, as we lay our shards before the Lord...He comes in and pieces us back together.  


Shard by shard.  

Day by day. 

Moment by moment...