A Prayer To Never Give Up

Photo: Jake Ingle

Photo: Jake Ingle

Dear Author and Finisher of my Faith,


Thank You for beginning a good work in me,

and being faithful to complete it.


Thank you for being greater

than any spiritual force roaming this earth;

greater than anything or anyone waging war in the heavenlies.


Oh Lord, do not let me grow weary in doing good.

Remind me of Your rewarding character.

Refuel my faith with holy passion.

Keep me on paths of righteousness,

For Your name's sake.


Be the Lifter of my head.

Be the Joy that gives me strength.

Be the Lamp to my feet.


I will not be discouraged.

I will not be afraid.

I am confident You are with me wherever I go.


Oh Faithful One,

Help me to press on toward the goal,

so I win the prize You have set apart for me.


I can do all things through You, Jesus.

You give me strength to never give up.


In Jesus name, character, and identity I pray,



© 2016 Rachel Barrentine, Burn The Ships Publishing.


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