Real Good Hands

My dog Joey is pretty terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Most dogs are. He's fine until I get a little too close for comfort. Then he bolts out of the room. But here's an interesting fun fact.


If I put my hand on him, I can run the vacuum right up close to his paws and he won't bolt. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't run off. He trusts my hand...

Rescue Tour Recap

Today, I'd love to share 3 highlights from my Rescue Mission Tour. I had 16 events in June and traveled through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. What an incredible time. Check it out and see some photos too...

I See Dead People...In Church

Do you believe God is willing to heal you or that family member you're praying for? Do you believe it is God's will when you lock arms to pray? If not, I totally understand. But I want to tell you I believe you are missing a huge part of Jesus' heart for you.  

Please take some time to read this all the way to the end. It is a lengthy post. But I believe it is critically important to the reboot, revival, and resurrection of the American church. Our Father wants vibrant life for us right here and now. Christianity was never meant to be a discussion about power. It was meant to display God's power. I realize this might mess with some of your theology...but I think its worth the risk. See you on the blog!

Are You Ready For Blessing?

I'm reading a great book called God is Good: He's Better than you think by Bill Johnson. It's incredible. Go read it when you have a moment.   //   One of the main premises of the book is this: God's goodness will draw people to Jesus in the last days. It is God's kindness that leads us to repentance. Because of this, what we need to do as believers is be a people where God's goodness can dwell, We need to be good stewards of His goodness. We need to be able to handle God's blessings while carrying our cross at the same time.

3 Ways to Know God's Secrets

Did you know God has deep secrets? Ever wonder what they are? Do you have goals for this year...but you're not sure how to make them happen? Spiritual care is critical. So much of life stems from the soul. Diving into the secrets of God will give your soul what it needs to be fully alive and fruitful this year. HOLY-SPIRIT-RESURRECTION-POWER...that's what's waiting for us if we will do these 3 things.

Able...but Willing?

Most of us believe God is able. But is He willing? We know He is powerful. We fully believe He healed diseases, raised the dead, and brought dignity back to a bleeding woman and untouchable lepers. We read those words in Scripture and think, "Yes! That's my God." But in the same breath, we don't believe He would do that for us. We think, "He wouldn't do that for me. " Not true. God was active then. He is active now. We don't worship a passive, distant God. If that's the God you are worshipping, you need to exchange Him for the real One...