Are You Ready For Blessing?

(Photo: Alessa Hope)

(Photo: Alessa Hope)

I'm reading a great book called God is Good: He's Better than you think by Bill Johnson. It's incredible. Go read it when you have a moment.


One of the main premises of the book is this: God's goodness will draw people to Jesus in the last days. It is God's kindness that leads us to repentance. Because of this, what we need to do as believers is be a people where God's goodness can dwell, We need to be good stewards of His goodness. We need to be able to handle God's blessings while carrying our cross at the same time.


Bill says, "God is working to make us capable of surviving His blessings." To not buckle under the weight of glory, or the weight of God's goodness, we need to develop spiritual muscles and be ready to carry the goodness of God properly.


Do we need a crisis before we run on God? Do we wait for persecution or a personal loss before we seek God? Do we handle things on our own until we reach something beyond our pay grade and then ask God for a miracle? Or do we choose dependence, surrender, and deep relationship when everything is going fine?


God is waiting for us right now; in both the blessing and the breaking. He wants us to stay in constant communication and relationship with Him. He wants to pour out His kindness over us and know we are capable of handling it. He won't pour it out if it will spoil us. If it isn't for our ultimate good, the good of our soul, He will withhold that blessing. God won't do anything that will harm us.


Are you ready for blessing? Are you ready for the responsibility that comes with that blessing? Do you feel the confidence to ask God for more favor, blessing, and kindness in your life so that others will see the goodness of God? Some days I feel ready. Other days I run off on my own.


Bill says, "If I use that which God is placing into my charge for personal gain, I will find myself seriously disappointed. But If I can live with His favor and blessing and use it for its intended purpose, nations will turn to Christ."

Wow. I want that second one. I want the ability to live faithfully into God's favor and blessing and use those for God's intended purposes. I want nations to turn to Christ.


"Dear Lord, increase our readiness for Your goodness. Make us faithful handlers of Your glory. Help us carry Your cross and kindness in a way that honors You and makes our world lean in to encounter Your goodness."


Have a great week!



Rachel B.