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My Conversation with God about Donuts

I just had one of the most insightful and meaningful (to me) conversations with God. You guys, He is so practical. I can't even tell you. I was talking to Him about my binge on Krispy Kreme donuts last night. And He didn't condemn me. He actually told me why I did it. I had worked super hard the day before, didn't get sleep, and had an important meeting in the morning. I was utterly exhausted. He told me I needed a reward and release from the stress of that work. That good work. God work. And so...in  a moment of needing rest & reward I drove to get donuts. 4 to be exact. I ate 4 donuts. Holy cow. And then drove straight to church on a Tuesday night to go worship Him in a sugar coma. Lol. But wait. There's more. Click on the link to read the rest of the story!

Are You Ready For Blessing?

I'm reading a great book called God is Good: He's Better than you think by Bill Johnson. It's incredible. Go read it when you have a moment.   //   One of the main premises of the book is this: God's goodness will draw people to Jesus in the last days. It is God's kindness that leads us to repentance. Because of this, what we need to do as believers is be a people where God's goodness can dwell, We need to be good stewards of His goodness. We need to be able to handle God's blessings while carrying our cross at the same time.