A Prayer For Resilience

(Photo: Corentin Marzin)

(Photo: Corentin Marzin)

Dear Papa,

I praise You for Your strength, grit, and tenacity.

You never lose. You never give up.

You are the Life-Giving Breath in every living thing.

In You, I live and move and have my being.

You are my bounce-back power.

My backbone. My bravery.

Courage. Purpose. Steadfastness.

Make my spirit buoyant, like a lighthouse on the water.

Make my soul rebound with joy at the arrows of the enemy.

Make me Lion-hearted,

stubborn with fearless obedience.

When I feel like breaking, be my flexibility.

Bend, shape, squeeze me into Your image.

Oh that I would respond to Your voice in faithfulness.

Oh that my eyes would be fixed on Your greatness.

Be my Resolution. My Revelation. My Rejuvenation.

Make me resilient.

In Jesus name,