Stop Agreeing With The Enemy

(Photo Credit: Thom)

(Photo Credit: Thom)

"Anything less than truth, will leave you less than free."

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Little whispers. Little lies. Sometimes we can be talked into something that has no business being in our brain. Usually these little lies have a fair amount of truth twisted in with them. This is what makes it so difficult to untangle and figure out. But if we aren't paying attention, we begin to agree with something that's downright harmful to us.


For example…


I don't speak geek. I'm not real tech-savvy. I usually end up screaming at a screen that shows no remorse for its behavior. My husband walks in the room, and everything electronic rises up and calls him blessed. For real. It's like they know when daddy's home. It drives me crazy.


The other night I was working on something semi-geek. I was dropping in web links, creating an email, uploading things, and plugging away. Then, all of the sudden, my keyboard stopped working. I was typing and NOTHING was happening. One second it's working, another minute it wasn't.


I was on a deadline. I had one hour to get this task completed. The clock was ticking. And I was getting ticked off. But in my head, as things were not working, I started thinking to myself, "Why does this always happen to me. What's wrong with me! How come every time I try to do something on a computer, I fail?"


Enter: THE LIE.


The truth? I didn't do anything wrong. Actually, I was doing a lot of things right. The problem was, I was doing something for the Lord. I was trying to get a very impactful thing done for the Kingdom of God. What I was experiencing was not a glitch in my brain, it was the enemy messing with my brain…and my computer.


This computer fail was stealing my peace. And one sure-fire way to tell if it's the enemy? Something ALWAYS gets stolen. It's who he is. A thief. He was stealing my time, my peace, and my equipment.


So what did I do? I broke the agreement with the Liar. "This is not my fault. I am not causing this. And, enemy, I do not agree with this! I don't agree with you. Get out of here right now in the name of Jesus! You have no authority in this place, and no authority over this computer." BOOM.


Guess what happened? Uh huh. The computer IMMEDIATELY started working PERFECTLY.




We have to stop agreeing with the enemy. Stop being talked into things that aren't truth.


The enemy loves to tangle us up. Don't agree with it. Recognize who's behind it and claim your authority over it.

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"God, untangle the lies that have been twisted up with truth in my heart and mind."



John 10:10

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."



Rachel B.