Twelve is here! Available now.

Hello friend! The CD's have finally arrived. For now, they are only available in a physical format. (They aren't up on iTunes yet.) If you would like to hear some of the songs, head over to to listen. You can order your albums there or on my website. Either way, Jill & I will split the proceeds and use it towards ministry and furthering the good news.   //   Sorry to keep this so brief, but I am heading off to another ladies retreat in a few minutes. I pray your week is going well and that God continues to refresh you as you spend time with Him. On a quick aside, I think Jesus loves spiritual hunger. I think He shows up to those with expectant, wide-open hearts. If you want more of God, just tell Him. Ask Him. Show your hunger by creating space and quiet in your schedule to listen and tune in. Special things happen when we do this.   //   

2 Chron. 16:9 says,

"For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." (NASB)

Step 5: Be My Life Changer

Exuse me while I vent for just a moment. Part of the reason we have so much dead religion in America is because Jesus is not our Life-Changer, but our Life-Saver. We don't want transformation. We just want candy; sugar-coated, high-fructose religion. The problem is, Jesus loves us too much to leave us unchanged. He knows our potential. He knows what we'd look like without all the hurts, habits, and ugly hangups. He's not about to let us settle for a syrupy substitute. He wants us whole, changed, and healed inside and out. This is why He came to redeem us on the cross. This is why He chose a path of pain, beating, mockery, and ultimately death. Not just to save our lives, but to give us life. A new life. A changed life...

Twelve: New Album Cover Reveal!

First of all, thank you so much friends for your prayers and patience! After my previous newsletter explaining about a health setback, and needing to hold off on the blogs for a while, many of you sent emails telling me you were praying.


I can tell you that almost immediately things began to shift and change in my body. I literally felt it within days of your prayers. Thank you.    //   I sometimes wish we could see what's going on in the spirit realm…the spiritual battle our prayers do. But other times I'm thankful I have no idea, because it would probably make me pee my pants...