Jill Miller

Twelve: New Album Cover Reveal!

First of all, thank you so much friends for your prayers and patience! After my previous newsletter explaining about a health setback, and needing to hold off on the blogs for a while, many of you sent emails telling me you were praying.


I can tell you that almost immediately things began to shift and change in my body. I literally felt it within days of your prayers. Thank you.    //   I sometimes wish we could see what's going on in the spirit realm…the spiritual battle our prayers do. But other times I'm thankful I have no idea, because it would probably make me pee my pants...

A $15,000 Miracle

Apparently God's piggy bank works differently than ours. Here's the story of how God is bringing the 12-step recovery project to life! You're going to enjoy this miracle. Oh how our God loves to surprise us. SURPRISE!

"Sic 'Em Jesus" and 5 Truths You Need for Spiritual Warfare

Last week I visited a Catholic shrine up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I drove through rain, sleet, and snow to get there. It was a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. I'm not Catholic. I don't understand a lot of things they do. I’m the odd looking one at mass who doesn't know when to sit, stand, kneel or how to cross myself. But, I think there are strengths in every denomination. Someone told me about this place, and I was compelled to go and pray; to meet with Jesus; to experience God in a new way...

Success or Significance?

"Sometimes the will of God is scary because He is asking us to choose between a life that looks successful and a life that is actually significant, between a life that wins the applause of our peers and life that actually transforms lives through love."

-Gary A. Haugen, from Just Courage: God's Great Expedition for the Restless Christian


Sometimes it's difficult to wrestle between success and significance. Often we want both...