Twelve: New Album Cover Reveal!


First of all, thank you so much friends for your prayers and patience! After my previous newsletter explaining about a health setback, and needing to hold off on the blogs for a while, many of you sent emails telling me you were praying.


I can tell you that almost immediately things began to shift and change in my body. I literally felt it within days of your prayers. Thank you. I sometimes wish we could see what's going on in the spirit realm…the spiritual battle our prayers do. But other times I'm thankful I have no idea, because it would probably make me pee my pants.


Anyway, I am honored and blessed to know you, call you friends, and have you in my corner fighting for me through prayer. I don't feel deserving of this special honor, but I am incredibly grateful.


I pray this encourages YOUR faith. I had two amazing weekends in ministry to women in late March/early April. I had energy for all of it. I had a ton of divine appointments, including some amazing ones on my flights to and from those places of "ministry." (Sometimes we forget the journey itself is an open door for God to move.) In addition, my mom and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii for a few days and soak up our friendship and sunshine together. I truly wish this on everybody! But two weeks prior, I was feeling so sick, we literally were looking up the cancelation policy to see if we could change plans. It didn't seem like I was going to be in good enough shape to enjoy Hawaii. Hard to believe. But it's the honest truth. Again, your prayers, those arrows against the enemy and incense before our King, made a difference. By the time the Hawaii trip came around - I was completely ready to go! No doubt. I believe God had that time for my mom and I set apart. We had it planned for months. It was so sweet.


But let me express what else I am totally pumped about: The Freedom Soundtrack! (The album is going to be called "TWELVE.".


We finished the final mixes today. It's off to mastering next week. We were hoping to have it ready a couple weeks ago. But alas, big projects like these always hit a few roadblocks. It was interesting recording vocals that say, "You are the power when I'm weak…" while I was singing through fatigue and pancreatitis. Honest to goodness, you can't make this stuff up. After listening to the final mixes today, this new music is so packed with truth. I can't wait to get these fight songs into your spiritual arsenal. They will push back the darkness in your life. Kick out lies. Break down your breakdowns. I know they will. Because they are doing that for me.


I'm not trying to tease you, but I just want to wet your appetite and tell you to purchase this album in a couple's not quite out. Just be patient. Soon. Very soon.


But don't buy one. Buy ten, and give them away to your friends.


Be praying that this record will get into hospitals, recovery centers, and the hearts of the despondent. Jill and I believe God is already and will continue to open doors for this music - beyond what either of us could imagine. We are excited to walk right in step (get it…it's a 12-step album) with Holy Spirit. But it's not just for 12-steppers...I can honestly rock out to this music while cooking chicken in the kitchen. It's sing-along worthy. And you'll probably find yourself humming it while mopping, working out, or dropping the kids off at school.


We will release this digitally, so it will be available on iTunes and Amazon, etc. HOWEVER, we would love it if you would buy it directly from us at


Here's why: Proceeds will actually go to us rather than Apple and Amazon. I have nothing against them. But they didn't do any of this work. I'm just of the opinion that artists should get the proceeds for their art. (I know, I'm weird like that.) And the more proceeds we get, the more we can spread this music out to other people. Plus, it values our time and work. It allows Jill and I to be on the road - hotels, gasoline, flights, food, etc. and play these songs live at events, conferences, retreats, and recovery meetings…maybe even some House Concerts. We think this is important. I know some of the latest laptops, tablets, and even cars don't have CD players anymore. We can figure out a simple way to get the music to you digitally if that's what you'd rather have. No problem.


Thanks friends! The plan is to get back on the blogging wagon. I will shoot for every other week in the coming months. Also, once the TWELVE album has launched, we would love for you to share it on social media and leave comments. This will help get the word out!


Have a great weekend!



Rachel B.