Step 2: Choose To Believe

Photo: Alexander Mils

Photo: Alexander Mils

Ever feel like the Queen or King of "not quite enough?" I do. It's like I try my darndest…only to not make the cut, miss the "A," or get passed up for the [insert cool thing here.] Ugh. Or I simply have nagging thoughts adding the word "enough" to the end of everything I do. For instance:

  • You prayed…but you didn't pray enough.
  • You studied your Bible…but you didn't study enough.
  • You worked out…but you didn't work out enough.
  • You taught clearly…but not clearly enough.


Do you ever hear this voice? It ticks me off. Allow me to make this crystal clear. That voice is not from God. Everything about it wreaks of the enemy. So when you hear it, recognize who it's from, and throw it out with the trash.


We must choose to believe what God says about us in all matters of life. The more we come into agreement with God, the more freedom we experience in life.


Step two of the recovery and freedom process says this:

We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose." (Philippians 2:1)


The Christ-Centered Celebrate Recovery principle says this:

Earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him and that He has the power to help me recover. (Step 2)

“Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matt. 5:4)


I love this recovery principle. So good. We truly wander in our own versions of insanity when we don't let God restore us and renew our mind. We must choose to believe God cares about us, that He wants to change us from the inside out. We matter to Him. Self-depreciation or self-mutilation (either physically or in our thoughts) must bow to the authority of God. We make it bow to God's authority when we choose God's truth over our own distortions.


Jesus doesn't want to leave us in our lies. He came to earth to restore us. He is in the restoration and renovation business. He's an Extreme Heart Makeover expert. That's who He is. But he won't force His way in. He knocks politely and sings over us. He whispers truth and gives us His Word so we'd have it in written form. He clothes us in the righteousness of Jesus to cover us and make us enough.


We either surrender our mind to lies and live like we are unloved. Or we surrender to God's view about who we are and live abundantly loved. The choice is up to us.


It's God's power at work in us that reforms our thinking, patterns, and behavior. We must choose to believe God is mighty enough to handle our issues and that He cares enough to come in and do His renovating work.


All the power we need to walk in freedom is at our disposal through Jesus.


As far as self-talk and self-depreciating thoughts go, let me offer this stern piece of wisdom:

Do not belittle what God calls beloved.

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We are beloved. That's the truth! Here are the lyrics for Step two of the Freedom Soundtrack:



(Jill Miller, Rachel Barrentine)



I’ve let the stuff of this world steal my identity

And I wander around in my insanity

I fill the void with all the wrong things

No wonder I fall apart when the waves come crashing in

I’m like a pillar of salt, and I’m crumbling

Tattered and broken, about to drown

Come build me up from the inside out



I choose to believe,

in Your Word when You tell me I matter

I choose to believe

You will restore and love me forever

Today I will ignore the lies I’ve listened to before

as I sink into the sea of Your truth

The choice is up to me

And I choose to believe...



Your hope is opening doors, and so I’m walkin in

Your freedom’s waiting inside, no matter where I’ve been

Your grace is getting under my skin

I’ve made up my mind to follow, no looking back

I know that total surrender is where it’s at

You loved me even when I was lost

Nailed my darkness to the cross



And I choose to...

Believe in Your goodness, Believe You are faithful

Believe You are always in control

Believe in Your promise, Believe You are able

Believe that You have called me Your own


The choice is up to me…

So I choose to believe