Step 4: Cleansing Waters

Are you hiding? Do you ever feel like you need a complete rinse in the river of God? When I was a kid I used to play Hide And Seek. It was fun. But on occasion, I would hide so well, no one could find me. They'd give up and move onto a new game, and I'd still be in hiding. Guess what? It wasn't fun anymore. Hiding for the sake of hiding isn't fun. It's uncomfortable, and you're sitting there all alone in the dark. It's the same way in our real lives. Hiding feels safe at first. But in the end, it leaves us isolated, unknown, forgotten about, cramped, and living in darkness. Maybe today, God is calling you out of hiding in to healing...

A Prayer for the Striving Heart

I commit to walk in Your Word and Your ways.

Come set the pace. Come make me brave.

With peace in my right hand, and trust in my left,

I let go of striving, and enter Your rest.

A Prayer for a Clear Mind

 Dear God,

You are the Author of peace and clarity.

You bring all things into perfect order.

You align the stars and put Earth into orbit...