Stockpile Syndrome

(Photo: Tyler Milligan)

(Photo: Tyler Milligan)

"Remember to stockpile. When the pile of prayers reach capacity, when it weighs enough, the weight of My glory will tip the scale…and you will scale the walls of impossible. Your pain will be no more."


This morning I sat down in my favorite chair with my favorite coffee (Just Love Coffee), and talked to God about healing and miracles. It's still a little weird to be in process. To have an experience, a tangible encounter with Jesus last November, when He sent Lyme Disease packing. For that matter, He sent the pancreatitis (the relentless abdominal pain I've been experiencing for months) packing too.


But a month later, the pancreatitis snuck back in. Weird, right?


This last week my pastor preached on the woman with the 12-year issue of blood. This unnamed lady in Scripture (Luke 8) reached out for the hem of Jesus garment and was completely healed of her issue of blood. And then my pastor talked to us about bringing our "issues" to Jesus.  The next morning I woke up and wrote a song based on the sermon. One line says,  "Only You can turn our issues into miracles."


So here I sit. With my issue. Pancreatitis. An unscalable wall no doctor can seem to figure out or climb. And this question came to my mind: "What does it look like in my life to reach for the hem of Your garment, Jesus?"


This is what Holy Spirit said. The word He gave me was STOCKPILE. What do you mean God? What is stockpile? He said, your prayers pile up. When you continue to press in, stockpile the prayers of others and prayers for others into a heap. When the pile gets big enough…it's going to tip over your issue.


I'm still processing. But I think God wants us to keep piling up our prayers in faith until that full measure of faith is reached. Then BOOM. It's not that God can't do a boom way before my stockpile is big enough. It's not a matter of striving. But it is a matter of faith. It is a matter of Him growing a faith in me that has perseverance and longevity to it, rather than just short bursts. He wants to create in His children long-burn kind of prayer warriors. Prayers that press in, pile up, and build monuments.


What if we all stockpiled prayers? And what if those piles, those monuments, produced the kind of faith that scaled the walls of the impossible? What if those relentless prayers, the perpetual pressing in for the hem of Jesus' garment, could take our issue and turn it into a miracle?


Friend, I invite you to find your stockpile team. The people who love you so deeply, they would be honored to help you pile up prayer rocks until your pile became heavy with the weight of God's glory, and your issue tipped into a miracle. Then you could all celebrate the Miracle-Maker together. Imagine the joy you'd all have for that breakthrough?


Faith presses in. It reaches for the hem, pushes past isolation, and takes a risk at being discovered and even humiliated. "Issue Lady" took the plunge. She brought her issue to Jesus. And Jesus turned her issue into a miracle.


The quote I opened with is what God said to me toward the end of our conversation. Stockpile. That's what He's telling me to do. When we pray for others, we add to the pile. When we pray for ourselves, we add to the pile. Eventually, it's going tip over.


Stockpile Syndrome...I dare you to catch it.



Rachel B.


"And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched."

Luke 11: 43-44 (KJV)