Meditations for Peace

Hi friends, I’m on a mission this year to release a ton of spoken Scripture with original music. I know it helps my mind and attitude tremendously if I am thinking on whatever is good, excellent, and praiseworthy. What better way to accomplish this than to listen to Scriptures - over and over.

Each 10-minute meditation has a certain theme. The first installment of the “Meditations for…” series, is called Meditations for Peace. A friend of mine just texted to let me know that she has been listening to this meditation before she goes to bed. She loves it! It’s helping to calm her mind and spirit so she can get better sleep!

What a great way to use this meditation! I hope you’ll listen over and over. As I have done that, I am literally getting these Scriptures memorized in the process. Plus, it really has increased my peace in an amazing way! There is power in the living, and active Word of God.

Here are the links if you’d like to check out this 10-minute Scripture meditation on Peace: (You can purchase or stream.)





Rachel B.