A Prayer for Fresh Starts

Photo: Seth Doyle

Photo: Seth Doyle

A Prayer for Fresh Starts

(Rachel Barrentine)

O God, in You, I have a fresh start.

New mercies, a clean slate, a blank page.


You have great things in store;

Things to give me hope and a future;

Purposes for me to walk in, prepared in advance.

Every spiritual blessing is at my disposal.

Every good and perfect gift I experience

is an act of Your grace poured over my life.


So come, Lord Jesus:

Renew my mind.

Refresh my spirit.

Renovate my thoughts.

Reawaken what's important, but lying dormant.

Recharge what's depleted.

Reclaim what's been stolen.

Repair what's wounded.

Rebuild what's broken. 

Relieve what's hurting.

Reenergize what's weary.

Relax what's under pressure and stressed.

Reverse what's going the wrong direction.

Realign what's wandered away from Your will.

Revive and replicate whatever is true, noble, worthy, and excellent.

Restore right thinking, right attitudes, and a right spirit within me.

In Jesus name.



© 2016 Rachel Barrentine, Burn The Ships Publishing.