A Prayer for a Weary Body

Photo: Jesse Schoff

Photo: Jesse Schoff

Dear Jesus,

I come to You, my body, aching and weak.

Your yoke is light and easy.

O Lord, strengthen every place that's frail.

Align every place that's crooked.

Calm every place that's inflamed.

Speak Your peace to every pain signal.

I will wait on You.



Repair every cell calling out in distress.

Grant me restorative sleep at night,

and rest stops during the day.

Remind me to drink water

and to feed my body with good fuel.

With each decision today,

help me choose wisely regarding my body.


I breathe out fatigue, and breathe in Your power.

I breathe out exhaustion, and breathe in Your energy.


Thank You for Your fresh mercies each morning.

Thank You for Your sustaining grace.

You empower me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Every one of my days is held in Your strong hands.

Now Lord, rejuvenate my body for Your good purposes.


In Jesus name, character, and identity I pray,



PS - I couldn't resist this puppy picture. My dog is much older now...but this is what I imagine he looked like when he was just a little guy. I don't know for sure since we got him from the pound when he was fully grown. #JoeySmileyWiggleSocks