Rescue Tour 2017

rescue mission

Over the past few years I've had the privilege of sharing my story and music at a few homeless shelters and rescue missions. Every time I get that opportunity, I'm blown away. There is something in all of us that opens up when we find ourselves in desperate circumstances. All the sudden we become more aware of our need for God and additional help. This is true everywhere. When we start feeling the squeeze, the stress, or the trial, our eyes begin to lift as if to say, "Where does my help come from? I sure need some."


Next month I head out on my birthday for a Rescue Tour. It's not as fancy as it sounds. I've been making calls over the last few months, and I have about 10 dates booked at various rescue missions in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma for the month of June. I'll be sharing snippets of my journey with you here on the blog, as well as Facebook. I hope you'll join me! Some of these places are more confidential than others, so I can't always post pictures.


I will be driving, bringing my own sound system, and staying in various hotels and host homes. I'm trying to keep it simple and keep my eyes on the prize of being a blessing to those God brings along my path.


I would love it for you to consider joining me in these 3 ways:


1. Pray for safety: on the roads, health, equipment not getting stolen, and backs/necks as folks help lift and lug things around.


2. Pray for salvations. I don't want to go to rescue missions. I want to be on a rescue mission. Pray for people to say "Yes" to God, for them to begin their relationship-journey with Jesus. For them to turn their lives over to God and for many men and women to make Jesus the Lord and Leader of their life.


3. Contribute. I wrestled with God on whether to make this need known. But here's the deal. I won't get paid for any of this. I'm fine with that. I've known that all along. Rescue Missions run on a mass volume of volunteers. It's amazing. This is just an invitation. If you want to donate some money for this tour, please feel free. Any amount, whatever you want…no-guilt and no-pressure. If you feel led, and you'd like to be a part of this tour as a financial blesser, then jump in. If not, no problem. The donations are NOT tax-deductible. But I can assure you they will go toward the tour expenses and ministry.


That's it.


Oh, one more thing. If you would like to "Gift" the TWELVE album to these rescue missions, I would encourage you to purchase a GIFT 10-pack from the store. I will earmark a 10-pack of TWELVE CD's to give away on tour next month. This will further the blessing, generosity, and seed-planting along the way.



Thanks friends! Ya'll really are the best!



Rachel B.


PS - If you haven't purchased your own copy of TWELVE yet, you can BUY IT HERE.